Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cheapest Glue

Hong Yuen Super Glue
Hong Yuen Super Glue back cover

Hong Yuen Super Glue

Annoyed of always buying mighty bonds? I am.

I used it for my shoes before its gets too late and the only choice left is to replace it. Mighty bond? Too small and expensive and later will evaporate. I shifted in crown band that costs P15. Then I remember I heard a cheaper one. So this is it. The cheapest glue for P5.00

However, if there is only a rugby that is colorless I will opt for that. Even if it doesn’t dry quickly. I can also tolerate the normal rugby if it has a container like the one with mighty bond, but I wish for a narrow opening so the glue won’t get messy. And also, I believe that rugby is way more environmental friendly.

Where to buy? NOVO.

-Its cheap and more practical

-Looks poisonous
-Least effective if compared with mighty bond and crown band
-Evaporate as usual

Rate: 2.5/5

-Yes if you are not in so much hurry and you want cheap glue. But if you want something effective for 10 minutes and desperate, buy mighty bond.

Hong Yuen Super Glue
Hong Yuen Super Glue back side
Hong Yuen Super Glue front view

Hmm how about using a syringe...

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