Saturday, May 31, 2014

Fetching Water from a Well

My recent stay to my Aunt's house was turned into fetching some water in a well from a nearby farm. Fresh from bed, I was summoned early to avoid the burst of the morning sunlight.  It's probably a decade ago when I last fetch water the old hard way. My arms felt awkward after, not sure if whether I'm tired or not used to it. I made 6-7 times of back and forth perhaps.

This is the so called effect of El Nino. The rain has been scarce. Most of wells are dry and the demand of water delivery reaches its summit. Water will arrive 3-4 days upon order.

It will happen, I know.

Good morning sun shine… ^_^
Wary of my thumb when I tried pulling water from the well. I have a tiny cut.
Peek-a-boo. I’m a bit shy of exposing myself; my recent slumber is still plain.

What I've Learned:
Water from well would run out, expect that the last pale of water is not clearer. Or if you are clumsy, the mud in the bottom will be shaken. The rope is slippery and hard to grip when you don't use a fabric gloves.

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