Sunday, May 25, 2014

Recycling Old Jeans

Recycling Old Jeans

I run out of shorts so I decided to just cut my old jeans. They're looser and faded now and I’m not sure if I'd gonna still use it. Thanks to skinny jeans, they're still the standard until now. :( Even so, I buy the straight cut one instead of skinny. They're hard to find and needs high maintenance, and they worn out easily so I have to buy a couple of times. It’s so expensive especially that I mostly find mine in branded stores.

Materials I used:
-fabric scissors
-tape measure
-soft pencil
-old jeans

How to cut jeans

I mark 17.5 inches and cut it. I was originally planning to make a small short but cut it longer just to be sure first. Then I got lazy and just fold it. You can sew it later. I originally got my inspiration from some vlogs in youtube. Recycle and resourcefulness...

These two old jeans I cut is either baggy or has excess fabric in front and they're actually old styles too.

Finished Recycled jeans
This jean is lighter and looser. Better to make it a short than throwing it, my closet is crowded anyway.
Short Jeans
This one is a little bit fine. I have a little guilt of cutting it. I seldom use it though and it’s neither skinny nor a straight cut. I need to portray a different appearance too.

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