Friday, May 16, 2014

Make Your Own Customized I Love NY Tshirt Design


I like this design even though I used to ignore it. Then I realized I might as well purchase a customized t-shirt in the future bearing this cool design. Not a couple t-shirt but something meant for two cousins. Soon I noticed that there’s a lot of individual wearing this logo in a customized way.

I made the edited design and I will partly share to you how I made it.

You need:
-Adobe Photoshop
-Font used in the logo

You can download the font here

Install the font
To make the work easier, install the font in your computer. This has an extension name of TrueType Font file (TTF). Open your control panel, click the “fonts” folder and paste the downloaded file there. It will automatically install it. After that, you can already access the font in Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop with this font name “King” unless you downloaded another font.

Create through Adobe Photoshop
What I did is I made use of the original logo and just deleted the lower portion. Then I used the downloaded font in creating the word “nasni”.

Mission Accomplished. :)

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