Monday, May 19, 2014

Superman vs. the Elite (Movie Review)

Superman vs. the Elite (Movie Review)

-Child Friendly
-With Moral Lesson

I wasn't expecting I would like this movie. I was just clicking somewhere and just trying to have a glimpse but I end up watching the whole movie. The Red Dawn and superman was just a recommendation anyway by a guy acquaintance. This is the guy’s sort of favorite movies, I know.

The best thing about this is that the language is very easy to understand even with the absence of a subtitle. Plus it has a unique moral lesson compared to some cartoons that don't even have a moral lesson in it, just pure entertainment.


My Rate:

Quotes from Superman

"I am not anyone’s judge and jury, definitely not an executioner. My power doesn’t put me above the law."

"I don't believe that the world is broken. Because when we save the world we are really talking about people. That's always been my belief that people at the core are good. The grace of mankind is everywhere you just have to open your eyes. Humanity has a limitless potential for good. My purpose is to help people reach that potential."

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