Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Miracle in Cell No. 7 (Movie Review)


-Korean Film
-Drama Comedy
-Child Friendly

I should be glad that we had watch this movie together, but there are instances that words reach me like this might never happen again in the future. That part spoils. Null and void.

This is an intense movie. I initially thought this is pure comedy. I felt the drama even in the first few minutes. The impact is even greater if I don’t have prior knowledge about what the movie is, like what happened when I watched the movie Sky of Love. I rarely watch trailers too. I just watched this one as requested and recommended. I never know the folly.

I like the mixture of comedy and love story when it comes to movies. There are other horror movies combined with comedy that we are familiar too. But this one? This is drama and comedy, with tiny flecks of suspense. This is the first great drama comedy I've ever seen and is very well made. I can’t remember watching other movies with this kind of genre. The main actor and the child actress are very effective. Bigay todo yung child actress. The way the child act is beyond convincing.

The blending of the past and present is so far the best I have seen. It’s not really too drama heavy since the comedy lessened the tension in perfect occasions, but of course there are scenes that drama would need to stand alone.

I have seen this kind of plot before in another foreign movie. It has the same fatherly concept where the intellectual capacity of the father and child were the same. I just don’t remember the title and maybe haven’t finished it too. The thing is, both of the movies have heartbreaking struggles.

This is a revolutionary Korean film. I am fan of Korean movies and have been watching some of them; I watch the series most of the time. I recommend you to watch it. I should have watched it on weekends since it gave me puffy eyes and I even have to go to work.

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