Friday, May 16, 2014

Tips in Making a Slideshow Presentation

Here is a lesson (some from mistakes) I learned in making a slideshow presentation:

1. Consider the place/audience
The more the number of your audience, the farther the projector screen would be. It might be you are in a small conference room with the capacity of around 10 people or in a wide hall with a lot of audience. Distance is one of the aspects you need to consider when it comes to visibility. The source of light will also affect the color of your presentation. It will mostly look unattractive and boring, believe me.

2. Bigger Picture
You have to make a bigger picture unless your audience is few and nearer. Expect that it would look different even when it was initially okay in your computer screen

3.  Zoom it
The best way to emphasize the pictures is to zoom it. It will let audiences have a better look.

4. Expect the dullness of your presentation in projector screen.
Yes, it’s only a projector screen anyway. It’s not a high definition television. I had a better experience of watching in cinemas than in a projector screen, the latter is almost black and white.

5. Sound. (Putting everything in 1 folder)
This is the common errors that one experiences whenever they include sounds. Why didn’t Microsoft make our life easier on this? There is two way of incorporating sound in your presentation, through linking or embedding. I can’t no longer remember if I did embed a sound before since working in different version of Microsoft Powerpoint can mess minds. Most of the time, what we are doing is just we are only linking the song (even though there’s no warning of it being linking foor noobs). So always put all your files in 1 folder.

6. Always test it in a different computer
This is a must and to play-safe. You’ll never know how it would work or might mess in different computer. You don’t want some humiliation in the middle of your presentation right?

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