Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Kung makapagbola ka naman.

I was having a moody morning perhaps due to PMS. My body feels heavy that I can’t persuade myself to move faster and I was getting a bit of emotional too. I just can’t find comfort telling it to someone anymore. Distraction is the best diversion. Those were dreadful moments and I wish it won’t visit me often.

Not yet the right time.
I refuse to extend my help to a friend. It’s not yet a right time to talk to her. Things haven’t healed up yet. And I’m too exhausted to give a part of myself trough effort. I once you know will give everything I have to person I hold dearly, but that was before. Now I learned to just ignore. If I look back, I’m lost.

A shift of mood.
Well, I’m still an ordinary person na kapag nabola in the right time eh napapangiti. This friend of mine does look unconcerned and hard to approach by. How could someone get so kind through text but too different when it comes to personal conversation? The compliment was that I’m still looking good like I was before. That was a compliment that gets people smiling unconsciously and that gave a distraction to my unpleasant mood. Then came the realization that he might be joking since I was as plain as someone who is rushing for late hour should be. It was a distraction I need after all.

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