Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Real Life Stalker

My blog is infested with stalkers. Who else would find my blog? I want to attract right audiences, but it seems that it’s the other way around. I am considering whether to stop blogging, find another medium or to close this blog forever. Most are harmless, but there are others who‘s terribly dangerous. Nakikiusyoso. Yan ang pinoy. They don’t give peace and most of all “respect”. The greatest bane in my life.

They should be minding their own business now but they still attach themselves to other people. Sometimes I wonder whether they’re just ill or a psychopath. They can’t sense or just being stupid to sense. They do mess, mess the lives of others. For me, they’re not happy with their lives. They’re not contented so they seek attention from others. They’re maniac too. They need medical help with psychologists.

It will give me no choice but to close this blog soon.


  1. How are they stalking you? Try joining Facebook pages for bloggers wherein you can share your new posts and discover other blogs.

  2. Ewan ba.. Medyo exhausting i just wanted to ignore na lang. Sometimes i gets soo scared and minsan pakiramdam ko nahaharass na ako.

    Thanks for the suggestion anyways... ^_^


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