Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bakit ako, Minalas?

I just lost my first honey ever. I bought it for P160. (Better than losing my FD though) That's expensive. Kakaiyak >_< I was even saying to myself na “I will live to experience different things” then I lost it. Siguro ganun talaga, to balance life someone should be unlucky so in return it will make other lucky. This is how karma works. I was very excited pa naman, there's a lot to do with honey. You can eat it and make it a moisturizer on the face or the body. Sayang naman, I was even hesitant to hand my 500 peso bill to the seller. Sacrifice ko muna, then ta dah, I just lost in the end.

I knew it. The time I saw the seller put the bottled honey and saw that blue plastic I felt something weird, something that is wrong and out of place. Some sign. Prior to that, the guy in the cashier put my stuffs in two small plastics when it ought to be in bigger cellophane. Did I lose it in the bus or in the jeepney? I will never know the answer. If only the bus is not like a sardine can full of standing people. If only the cellophane is white. If only I wasn't in the chairs with chubby old ladies.

I was really in the bad mood that night.

Lesson Learned?
-Use a light color cellophane, ask for a bigger one and tie all those cellophanes
-I need a geo bag

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