Friday, May 30, 2014

My First Sample Room Experience

My First Sample Room Experience

I’ve just got my free samples from Sample Room. Yes they’re free. You only have to pay the current shipping fee and you’re ready to go. Since I am just a beginner, I only have 100 points to consume. Its 2-3 products per transaction and mine were 2 sample products namely Belo AcnePro Pimple Gel and Venus & Mars Naturals Pure Fully Refined Emu Oil for a total of 100 points. You have to make a review after you received the product to gain the 100 points back or you can buy 1000 points for 699php.

Packaging 4/5
Paper bag is environmental friendly. The paper is thick enough. I only don’t like the part where the box of Belo Acne gel were a bit deformed, as if it was crushed by something heavy on top. For first time online shopper, it would be a heartbreaking thing to see your parcel in that state. That’s from courier’s part though.

Xend Courier
Xend is the courier used to send my parcel. It is expected to arrive in 3-5 business days. The third party courier is ABest express, probably their provincial partner. Maybe that would explain the oddness of my shipment history/details in there online tracking page.

My First Sample Room Experience

In the 5th day, I might have received my parcel if only I was able to answer the phone calls. I am not in our house during weekdays.

In the 6th day, I still forgot to change my cell phone's profile, but communicated in courier through text. I gave my detailed address and said I can go to their branch (Abest express) during lunch break. I did but only to find out that they already sent my parcel in our place. (They didn't even inform me!)

Overall Satisfaction 3.5/5
The most important thing is that the parcel still came. I could have received it earlier, maybe 4 days after my transaction with Sample Room.

-Always read Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

My First Sample Room Experience beginner expenses
Pros or Cons?
* Since some products are only in sample size, results are short term
* You are not buying a full size product
* There isn't a lot of product sponsor in sample room
* The purpose of the site is for you to try the product first before buying the full size version
* But sample products are usually free in supermarket, isn't it?
* You can choose your own samples
* I still have to try if subscription box is better and cheaper
* Some products need a long term use before seeing the desired effect, with the sample's small size the product is presumed to have an instant effect. Smaller size usually just lasts for us to see any allergic reaction to it.

My First Sample Room Experience VIP
You might have saved P 139.98 but you have still spent P 451.54. You still have 540 remaining points to consume and P 130 future shipping payments for future transactions. The 1000 points will expire after 2 months and points can return by reviewing samples within that span. Your saving vary though depending on how many points you’ve reused and the number of transaction you’ve made. 

So what do you think? Which is better?


  1. I'm satisfied with Sample Room's service. It's great for those who want to try other products but skeptical if it will be worthy of some moola.

    Style and Glow

  2. I also had the V&M Emu oil from Sample Room. Also my first Sample Room experience..
    Hope you could give a favor by following my blog :
    By the way, I followed you through G+...


  3. I remembered my first sample room haul. I got a skinwhite lotion, oracare and hygienix hand spray. Then they have it shipped as soon as the payment for shipping was sent.

    1. They're mostly fast naman, I instantly receive notification in my emails. It's just on courrier's part lang talaga ang mabagal minsan, and sometimes the parcel is badly deformed.

  4. I have subscribed to the newsletter of Sample Room but haven't decided to purchase anything yet because the products I tend to like are always out of stock! Haha. Ohh would you know if the delivery would also be efficient for those in the provincial areas?

    1. I only got their newsletter when I subscribed of their VIP account. Those out of stock products won't probably have stocks again. Unless it's Nivea or Celeteque. I'm quite confused of the question. Perhaps if you really need to try the product, better try it through Sample Room to atleast save some money. P140 is a bit expensive.

  5. I think it would be better to test the sample first then just go only for items you like the next time.

    1. Hmm...Even if it's only a sample, I choose only the items I like to try especially if it's only a regular subscription. Sometimes I do patch test naman...

  6. You shared a nice review as always.Good work.


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