Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sending Short Text Messages

Even in the presence of netiquette, there are still a lot of people who sends unwanted messages. It makes our inbox full of GMs that doesn't mentions our name or even greetings that were not sure if it’s meant for us. I remember receiving a text message during the holiday, "Merry Christmas" it says. If it’s for me, it should have been "Merry Christmas My Name". In the end I didn’t care to reply. The ease of social network doesn't excuse us; it's the effort that counts.

Does it takes a lot of effort or it’s too much a bother to mention us, to send a personal message instead of group messages?

I have the same issue with a friend of mine. I've been saying this thing many times that there haven’t been changes. I felt like someone just doesn't care to listen nor just takes it for granted. Just a piece of consideration and seriousness and all might have ended better.

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