Thursday, September 11, 2014

Lost in Instagram Contest and COM Giveaways, But Still Won.

There’s a bit of sadness when losing a contest and not being picked as COM  especially after the hard work involved and giving your heart into it.  This applies to different kinds of endeavors in my life. It wakes you up from a dreamy state and tells you that there’s really no shortcut in everything. A 101% of hard work is needed or you just have to be lucky.

I really was crestfallen that night and so uninspired that I just went to sleep early. Too bad I remember my frustration back in college. That’s the price I paid for involving myself of a distraction. Though I am thankful I experienced the leap I never have thought would happen 9 years ago.

The irony is that when you stop being too serious, that’s the time the blessing will present itself. Sometimes it is in a different form and those past awful experience will make you appreciate things better. I’m positive of unlocking future surprises! I know there’s more…

August Giveaway from Beauty Junkee

It’s a quirk of fate to be chosen as Commenter of the Month (COM) of August from Ms. Martha’s blog: The Beauty Junkee.  Of the entire three contests I’ve joined, this has my least effort. What a luck and an encouragement for starters like me! I’ve commented daily while I learned things too. I’m actually subscribing on her blog even before.

Lost in August COM

Another blog that is suki in Google search engine is Ms. Liz blog: Project Vanity. Due to her nicely written posts, I subscribed to her blog. I was wondering why she has a lot of daily comments and then I learned about the COM. Being new to beauty industry (maybe I’m not even there yet), the odds is against me. The competition is high. Visit her site so you would see how nice her blog too. There is a perfect balance of element in her blog. There’s the simple and effective site template, nicely written posts, creative pictures and the credibility. My only problem is it’s hard to post a comment using the pop-up dialog box. It’s a good place to get updated of beauty products that matters.

Burt’s Bees Instagram Contest

Finally, after the long wait, the winners of the Burt’s Bees Instagram Contest are picked. I like the Burt’s Bees product but it’s expensive so I'm happy to have free products to try such as the lip balm they're famous of. I have an entry too since I asked my brother to post mine. I have a malfunctioning tablet so I cannot do that personally. Thanks bro! It’s just that the picture is cropped when posted in instagram giving me a weak chance of winning. Lesson learned: Cropped products don’t have an edge. Effort and being creative matters.

Still, I won the COM August when I’m least expecting it and thanks for that ^_^. I tried my luck due to the curiosity of the Argan oil. I didn’t know Emu oil is also one of the ingredient included (which I find effective in my review of Emu oil post). It came on my exact Birthday when I thought it will not come at all. I’m actually expecting someone to be picked, not me. Luckily this loot has attracted lesser competitor, good for me. Mom was so excited to see what’s inside the bulky LBC package that she even asked me to open it with her around. Then I gave some lotions to her and my Tita.

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