Wednesday, August 20, 2014

H2O Cleansing Water Sample Review

Oil-free marine hydration
Cleansing water

Effectively dissolves surface impurities

Though it was only a sample, I am okay with the size. Perhaps it would only last for 2 weeks because of the consistency. The packaging is decent plus it has a control mechanism. The color could really remind someone of marine. The list of ingredients is not included. (I wish they did!) It will definitely give an idea if you have an allergy in the ingredients prior the usage.

Expiration Date:   not included

Price:   P 1,260 in 200ml

H2O Cleansing Water Sample Review


The smell reminds me of Lactacyd with a hint of citrus while the consistency makes me think of dishwashing liquid sachet mixed in 1 litre of water. It is not in a gel form either. It's to watery for that. It lathers quite a bit yet enough to clean and soften the face. At first I doubt it could remove the day's dirt but still it did. It's a gentle cleanser.

I'm wearing cream and powder recently so there's a need to remove it before going to sleep. The face is still rough if you splash a water, then after 2 or 3 washes, there is a smooth rinsing experience. The downside is, it is not very condensed that the supposed 2 washes tends to turn into 3 times of washing. This is the part where it seems uneconomical.

Control mechanism


What makes it different from others is the consistency of the product. No wonder it is a “cleansing water” It is non drying which suits me well and doesn't leave a residue on the face. There is a comfortable clean feeling after.

If you wore a heavy make up, look for a separate make up remover (that is why the remover is invented right?) and then just use the H2O face oasis cleansing water afterward.

- The kind of cleanser that doesn't makes the skin feel dry and thirsty of moisturizer.

- Contain parabens.
- Expensive.

Rate:   4/5

Repurchase?  No. I find the product expensive and doesn't make wonders for my pimples

Recommend?   Yes. There's no harm in trying.

Fluid and lather of H2O

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