Sunday, July 27, 2014

Lovestruck Love Mo Siya, Sure Ka ba? by Ronald Molmisa (Book Review)

I was asking for a book as pasalubong and Geez... He gave me none.. >_< So I bugged my friend to borrow his book even though he is not done reading.

Lovestruck Love Mo Siya, Sure Ka ba? book

About the Book

“Love mo siya, Sure ka ba?” is another book of the Lovestruck series. It has a white cover design compared to the darker covering of the “Sexy Edition”. The latter has more impact and is entertaining while this one has a milder approach and serves as an introductory and a beginner guide for Filipino youth especially in the phase where a child starts to consider entering a relationship. “Should I wait a little longer?”

Title: Lovestruck Love Mo Siya, Sure Ka ba?
Author: Ronald Molmisa
Net. pages: 96 pages
Page Size: 0.70 cm
Price: Php 75.00
Language: Tagalog


There wasn't a lot of thrill when I'm reading this due to my age. Some people might not like this. However, I proceeded with the hope that I will learn some words of wisdom and find what Bible says about this matter. It is less entertaining but serves the goal of educating the reader.

Some issues discussed that caught my attention:
1. Homosexual and unbeliever
2. Right age of marrying
3. Courtship (The ideal order)
4. Role of parents in the lovelife of their kids
5. Three fold purpose of sex

Who can read this Book?

This book will suit younger readers especially those who haven't have boyfriends yet, it will provide things to consider and what lies ahead before you come up with a decision of entering a relationship. It will be helpful for high school students especially if included in their subject values education/sex education. Parents can take insight from this if they prefer to personally discuss this to their kids.

Lesson Learned:

Don't just enter relationship because we can. There is a responsibility and commitment that exists and should be considered. I may not be a very religious person yet I agree that a relationship becomes stronger and meaningful if we have God's blessing and guidance. Kids should do their best not to be swayed by the temptation of peers from entering a relationship because if we are not ready or it is too early, chances are regrets will come to haunt us. Our parents has a part on shaping us as we also have the duty to listen to them. Let's make every relationship special.

Favorite Quotes from the Book

- Ang mga infatuated, kapag hindi na nagi-enjoy, unti-unting nawawala ang interes sa relasyon.

- Marami ang nakakagawa ng maling desisyon dahil walang nagpapayo, lalo na sa larangan ng pag-ibig. We need people to constantly guide us and offer good advice.

- Mapapatunayan lamang na tunay ang pag-ibig sa paglipas ng panahon. Like a potted plant, it needs to be watered, cultivated and nurtured para mag grow.

- Choosing to postpone sex until marriage may not be an easy or the most popular decision but it is definitely the choice that deserves the highest consideration.


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