Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Colgate Charcoal Bristles Toothbrush Slim Soft

Colgate Charcoal Bristles Toothbrush Slim Soft

Charcoal has been known to use in refrigerators and in sack of rices to deodorize. It's primarily used as a fuel for cooking and in food poisoning cases to neutralize and prevent its progress. It acts as a filtering agent because of its ability to absorb different chemicals. This absorbing and detoxifying power makes the charcoal popular in different beauty products. However, it can also absorb good elements such as nutrients, vitamins and mineral. It doesn't have a profound effect to stronger acids and bases and may even interfere in improperly used.

Charcoal becomes activated when its surface area become became bigger due to the mixture of another agent or when heated with a gas, making it different than ordinary charcoal.

Water purification
Teeth whitener
Food poisoning/drug overdose
Air purifier

Since the main ability of charcoal is its being absorbent, it is more suitable to be an ingredient of face masks than soaps and cleansers. Once the hollow spaces of charcoal are filled, the absorbing capacity of it decreases.

Charcoal Charcoal Black Toothbrush

Deeper and gentle clean
Ultra soft
0.01mm slim tip with Charcoal bristles. It helps to remove bacteria.
Bristles clean deep in between teeth.
Gently cleans along the gum line.

I bought this out of curiosity and the need to replace my previous toothbrush. I feel like a fool buying almost the same pink soft bristle brush, though it's a darker version now. I wonder why they didn't promote this during the widespread popularity and use of charcoal as a main ingredient of some beauty products. Remember those charcoal soaps and facial cleansers?

Charcoal Charcoal Pink Toothbrush, with soft bristles, flaw
A not so perfect angle

Wouldn't it be more interesting if they'll make a charcoal toothpaste just to add some flavor to the boring routine of brushing?

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