Friday, September 12, 2014

Himalaya Face Wash Review (Purifying Neem) Normal to Oily Skin

Himalaya Face Wash Review (Purifying Neem) Normal to Oily Skin

This gave me a mixed feeling of “should I like it or not?”. Since this sample needs only 20 points, it makes me feel that it’s not that well known and popluar. I lost my desire of using this when I started to feel it's not working. There is a dryness and the forming of few tiny cystic pimples after 1 week of usage. That first week though, I have a very high expectation with this product since it is in gel form and gives me a nice smooth washing experience.

Based on most reviews, it works for them and they like the smell. It reminds me of kitchen cleansers because of the acid like smell. Despite of being in a gel form, it does make the skin dry. The instruction said not to use it under the eye. It is better not to overdo or exceed with 2 times of lathering as the skin starts to become dry and stiff. On the first few weeks, I can survive without a moisturizer but later on I started applying light moisturizer (Myra E).

100% Herbal Actives
Cleanses & purifies for clear, problem-free skin

Tumeric active ingredient of Himalaya
Turmeric (Credits to the owner of the photo)
Neem Leaves
Neem Leaves (Credits to the owner of the photo)
Different kinds of herbal plants are believed to treat pimples. They're too many that you might start to get confused on which really works like magic. Sometimes it feels like it's just a marketing strategy or to make the product unique. If the plant works that way, why not use the pure form and apply it on your face?

The positive side of it is it gives us more options to try despite of the weariness. Finding our holy grail (HG) products is like finding our soul mates, when you found it just stick with it.

Ingredient of Himalaya Face Wash

Bubble of Face Wash Swatch
It doesn't lather but it glides smoothly when used.

It’s only on cheeks area that pimples spared me. I am not sure if the ingredients of these products start kicking or it’s really the area of my face that pimples grow less (even without using this product). A healthy skin can also attribute from a good night sleep. During the resting period, the repair and healing happens. It seems that the latter works best if you want to get rid of pimples.

The product works slowly and you cannot rely on it alone to battle the pimples you have on your face. It took me 3 weeks to become pimple free (but I still have comedomes). Let’s say pimple stops growing on my cheeks with the prolong use of this face wash. But there’s something in this product that gives me pimples in my jaw area and chin. Then I still have tiny allergy-like pimples on my forehead which is as stubborn like it was 8 years ago. I know I will never get rid of them unless I use Kojie San again or find another key ingredient. Though I feel this might really works for certain types of skin. My face is not glowing or radiant with this product too.

Cap of Himalaya Face Wash

Lesson learned? Don't let oil linger on the face too long, else you allow pimples to grow. Use powder.

Have you tried Himalaya face wash too? What is your HG products when it comes to removing pimples?


  1. my sister did and she liked it because it whitens her pimple more suitable for those with very oily skin type and even if you have oily skin, I always say and other skincare addicts will say to always moisturize (just use the right one for you skintype) hmmm have you tried using raw honey?

    1. I have an oily skin too.

      I feel like it doesn't prevent pimples but just heals it since the main ingredients like the turmeric is best known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Or maybe I should use the whole set. Good for her, I searched over the internet and many people does like this.

      I bought honey before and I end up eating the whole bottle. I just can't wait it to work o_O

  2. I'm currently using this facial wash. I usually had breakouts when my period is about to come. I think this face wash works for me somehow, I like the smell of this too. Well, I'm not 100% sure if this really healed my pimples but maybe due to its anti bacterial properties it convinced me to use this. The small tube is only 25 pesos which goes quite a long way for me, I also use KOJIE SAN'S DEFENSIL ANTI PIMPLE SOAP together with this. which is also cheaper like 35 pesos for a small bar. It also works great for me. Actually, this face wash claims to be suitable for problematic skin..

    1. Nooo... you love the smell? It smells like muriatic acid. >_<. Good for you that it worked. Mine is a different kind of pimple kasi, it's more of bumps. I didn't know about the Defensil Anti Pimple Soap of Kojie San, I will include that to my buy list. Though I cannot find it in stores. Hmm... How do you use it pala? They're both soap kasi. Atleast it's cheap. It's a must have...

      Anyways thanks for dropping by and leaving comments. ^_^

  3. actually ung soap sa mercury at puregold meron ngsearch ka ng mga reviews about that soap puro positive reviews..2 yrs ago ngkbreakout aq malalki at mei nana...etong defensil nkgaling sa pimples q...i use the soap muna then ung himalaya wash...pwde mu dn unahin ung face wash tpos soap..watever suits you...yng amoy kc nun face wash kc for me reminds me of the lactacyd wash for babies...hehe

    1. Thanks. I'll check it at Puregold. ^_^ Is this the same Himalaya you've used? with Neem and Turmeric?

  4. I like it though and I like the smell too! Siguro depende talaga sya sa hiyang ng skin.



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