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Digestics Probiotic Food Supplement | ConstipAid (REVIEW)

I receive this two box of samples. Hurray! For the generous amount. At first, I'm afraid to use this because of the impression that it's a product for constipation. To make the most of the shipping fee though, I included it in my cart. Besides it's free, I'm into probiotic drinks and it's a sample to try after all.

Digestics Probiotic Food Supplement | ConstipAid (REVIEW)


Probiotics are good bacteria that help our digestive system. They ensure balance and encourage the intestine to absorb the nutrients from the food we eat. With healthy internal body, we can prevent the occurrence of illnessess thus leading us to a longer life. Wouldn't it be nice to possibly avoid colon cancer too?

Digestics Probiotic Review

One of the noticeable thing about this product is its price. One sachet costs around P25. Buying yakult is cheaper and that amount can already buy a bottle of drink in seven eleven. A sachet of coffee and a small pack of oatmeal is also less expensive. Granting all this, a small sachet of digestics has its own promising contents for improved digestive health. Its value will mostly appear and appreciated on a different and special kind of occasions.

Price:   P250 for 1 box with 10 sachet

Sachet of Digestics

Personal Experience

I used this every morning and stopped when I became uncomfortable of its powdery form and sweetness. In those days, I didn't experience bloating and excessive gas. I continue to use this when I found a better way to enjoy this supplement by adding it in a glass of milk. It serves as a sugar and gave it a unique taste. However, the morning routine doesn't work anymore since it make me fart. After 4 days, I decided to change the routine to avoid unpleasant reaction. Drinking it at night worked best for me.

It didn't gave a dramatic result as I really don't experience frequent constipation. Before it was still taken during mornings, there are times that it makes me go to the toilet and everything will get fine after. Taken at night, it doesn't upset my stomach. I should have sent this to my beloved partner who usually have problems with bowel movement if only it doesn't expire so soon.

Manual Instruction | Leaflet of Digestics
A box includes a leaflet that gives it more of a professional feel

Overall, my bowel movement is normal as it was before. I couldn't vouch for its effectiveness in preventing constipation as I luckily don't have frequent difficulty in that area. Nevertheless, I am a firm believer of the health benefits of exposing our tummy with good bacteria.

More on Probiotics...

Each probiotic products uses a specific kind of good bacteria. Different bacteria works uniquely and resides best in particular intestines. They have various tolerance in temperatures. Most kinds can't survive with very hot temperatures while others can. So if you think of mixing it with hot water, you might be killing them before they can make their job done. Follow the packaging instruction and get to know the characteristics of those bacteria.

Probiotic supplement can also conflict with your medication so it's best to consult your doctor if this case applies to you. Drinking enough water will help them to get into the digestive track faster. For lungs, it's best to avoid sniffing the powder stuff.

Do you take probiotic drinks too?


  1. Everyone needs good bacteria! This is a great review.. in fact I love all your reviews!:)
    I especially love how you add your own " personal experience"!
    The Journeys' of my beating heart

  2. To be honest, I didn't even know we have those - I honestly think people should take more of these - it's good for our health.

  3. I only know one probiotics drink, and that is Yakult. I've never tried that. For good digestion, pineapple and/or rich in fiber foods works for me.

  4. Because colon cancer is rampant, it is just right to take food supplements aside from eating fibrous food


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