Monday, September 1, 2014

Syoss Moisture Keratin Shampoo Review

I bought this with Loreal Anti-Freeze Conditioner thinking it was a conditioner too. To my surprise, it was a shampoo. Oh well I didn’t look at the bottle properly. It’s a bit confusing since Syoss bottle (for conditioner and shampoo) is the same, the only difference is the color. Maybe if the label is given a strong emphasis, like a huge letter or red font color, there’s a strong possibility that it will catch my attention.

I’ve used Tresseme even before it has been advertised in the television since my aunt from other country used to send us different products. Syoss looks the same with the concept of bottle container and color coding and most of all the keratin stuff. I took a bottle to try if it works the same. I picked the wrong variant though…

Ingredients of Syoss shampoo

So what is Keratin?

Keratin doesn’t cause the hair to become straight but refreshes (give a hydrated look) and gives it a shine and tame it from slight frizziness. A keratin conditioner will help restore your hair from chemical abuse and heat damages by binding the proteins in the hair. But totally heal it? Can you heal what’s already dead? (Dead skin cells)

In using shampoo, I usually put it in a tabo and lather it with water because it is unadvisable to put shampoo directly in our hair. It should be applied evenly to properly cleanse and distribute the nutrients in the hair strands.

Syoss shampoo


It has a light consistency and semi-white color with very tiny sparkly particles (silky-like). The kind of plastic used in the bottle is partly flexible. The print fades easily and the cover doesn’t fit well. It doesn’t lock easily and it doesn’t close on first try. It has an awful smell that will make you think of spoiled and expired shampoo. Leading drugstore should also make their stocks free from dust. They stay in air conditioned room yet some of their products are still dusty and spoiled.

Product Experience

Most of the time, the Syoss shampoo gives me a nice tamed hair but it doesn’t mean that I totally get rid of bad hair days. It works well if paired with hair cuticle serum such as Vitress. The Dove intense repair conditioner used in this review only compliment with each other if the shampoo is used daily. If the conditioner is used alone, the hair turns frizzy and can get worse if the humidity is high.

3/5. I would like to give it a 2.5/5 rate because of the bad smell and the hard to cover bottle, however it still makes my hair tame a bit so I made a little adjustment.

No. I purchase this to try only.

Take the risk.

Now that I know what keratin is, I guess I need more of protein products than moisturizers that only coats the hair.


  1. Good review, thank you for this post!
    I follow you! <3

  2. I heard that there are several online sites that sells keratin complex shampoo and conditioners at discounted rates but I am little bit confused that which site is genuine for good products. Can you please help and give great recommendations?

    1. I rarely buy products online. Since it's not my expertise, I can still suggest to read reviews online, even company reviews. If the company is well known, for sure there will be a lot of searches over the net. It's better to try products that has been reviewed so as to know what to expect and to avoid health or allergy risks etc.

      Or just buy in physical stores or salon. They could recommend you their product. ^_^


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