Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Poor and Insignificant Product Review

I’m about to make a product review when my mind suddenly drift into contemplation. I’ve tried different products just because an online review gave a promising result. Then when I tried it, I feel foolish after.

Reviews are not always credible. Reading a single review is not enough due to large garbage of information. Some reviews are influenced by paid advertisement while some collection of reviews in a single site came from a mixture of consumers with different level of experiences.

A good review should given a thorough observation and should somehow educate potential buyers. It has distinguished qualities that set it apart from a sponsored post. It should have a goal of guiding us in decision making.

Poor and Insignificant Product Review

Reviews are also made by ordinary people. With little control and easy access of the World Wide Web, it’s easy to create a different story and form our own propaganda. I don’t claim myself a professional in beauty and skincare industry yet I am not the kind who just accepts all information wholeheartedly. Sometimes I wonder what if I’ve taken a dermatology course instead.

FDA is stricter with drugs but gives higher tolerance in cosmetics. Only few products prevail over time while the rest are phased out or reformulated frequently. It’s only when a product gained complaints will it get a principal attention from responsible organization.

Incompetencies are widespread too. Outstanding individual over the average population are lesser. Sure enough it also applies to professions. Unsuccessful medication is a common story, what does that mean?

Are we really safe and protected? What if later in time further studies reveal that certain components of products we’re using are actually harmful to our health?

In the end, we are the one responsible for our own health. We should exercise precautions, educate and delve ourselves in sensitivity and awareness.  Don’t just trust information from told and written stories.


  1. point k ..mgkkaiba amn teu kc un okay skny eh pwdeng hnd mgng okay zeu.peru gxtuq itry un 4 pimple marks.bka skaling maalis nya mga scars ng pimple z faceq

    1. Thanks sa comments. Parang nahilo ako >_< Uu nga eh pwedeng okay sa kanya. Lahat na lang okay sa kanya kahit parang hindi naman ganun kaspectacular yung effect. I nominated you pala for Liebster Award ha...


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