Monday, September 8, 2014

The Gifted (Movie Review) – Watch it!

I cringe whenever it’s a Tagalog made film. There’s always this feel of poor quality and a movie that was only created just to raise money. Nasosobrahan sa kakornihan pero kinakagat ng masa. And they become what they watch too. Nonetheless, my little sister really likes Tagalog comedy because she can easily understand the jokes.

I tried watching Filipino-made movies through computer, and there seems like a lacking push to give our movie an unforgettable impact. These are very evident with love stories that makes me hesitate to watch it in sinehan. A badly made film will make me less interested and uninspired to watch another story.

That’s why I chose to watch this first than the “If I stay” movie. It’s like “Well, I have no other choice” as this is one of the few entertainment you can have in our province. That could be my first time to watch a Filipino movie in a big screen and well I am impressed. Though I really don’t have a lot of experience in criticizing Filipino movies and I get easily distracted than reading a story from a book.

Here are some of my observations:

  1. The nun. Mga bata huwag gayahin.
  2. Cinematography. The kind of big screen used could also be a factor why I enjoyed watching it. No blurriness. The choice of places are good especially the sea and the reunion.
  3. Prosthetics. There’s a part where the pimples of Christine Reyes doesn’t look real at all, but that’s fine. Making it real will be too gross. On the other hand, the fake cheeks of the child counterpart of Anne Curtis is obvious. Speaking of Anne, she looks amazing with her fat figure, as if she was a totally different person. The smooth transition is nice and you can separate the character of Zooey from Anne, Zooey is zooey while Anne is Anne.
  4. Comedy. Watch it and find out what makes people laugh. Some can’t even keep themselves from laughing loudly.
  5. Friendship. The story is fine but can be a lot finer if they made the reconciliation extraordinary and quite moving. It would be nice if there’s a moral lesson about friendship. It’s almost a common cliché but expect some mild twist.
  6. Acting. The 3 leading artists did well. There is no heavy drama only mild crying scenes which is effective especially on Christine Reyes’ part. The part where they made fun of Christine Reyes in the reunion is exaggerated; people in real life will not do that. Unless a crowd of immature people exists. The fight in the pool doesn’t have enough force to make it believable, perhaps that’s there way of making it child friendly. For me though, it’s more of teenager friendly than for children. Love story for children? Better choose cartoons.

"Kasalanan mo yun, hindi ka naging in"

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  1. i have seen those 3 actors anne curtis, sam milby and cristine reyes in person hahaha but i have yet to watch this movie though!


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