Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bahay na Bato (Stone House)

Bahay na Bato, found in the province of La Union ,is not the typical historical house known for stone foundations and wooden second floor rather it's like a rest house with lots of stone sculptures in different sizes. There's also a tiny swimming pool where kids can dip in and have fun. Stones in the pathways has flower carvings and there's another pathway where wood carvings with faces are displayed.

Luna is known for its rich supply of pebbles in assorted shapes, texture, colors and sizes. Because of these naturally brought pebbles from the sea, manual stone picking became a source of living for some residents. These stones are shipped in different places including places outside the country. These are then used for landscaping and other decorative purposes.

I know I look ugly, but this is all the picture I have and I don't have the luxury of time to pose and find my best angle with only a borrowed camera. This picture doesn't justify the overall details the house has. Due to the limited time, we might have missed some other interesting story about the house.

Bahay na Bato is located in Nalvo Norte, Luna, La Union, a place in Northern Luzon. Entrance Fee costs P10.00 only.

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  1. Wow what a very nice Place !! but so far from Manila :( but I would like to visit that place so bad , I wish i get the chance to visit that place soon !


  2. I have been to the beach in Luna, but never had the chance to visit bahay na bato. We only drop by the church and the beach :)

    1. I'm not sure about this but I heard that the house became open to public just this year. ^_^

  3. The 5th pic. I wonder what those things hanging are.. travelling drinking jugs? And right above them by the window.. meal containers? Anyway, it's some cool and natural display nevertheless. :)

    1. I wasn't able to ask the owner or even the caretaker but it seems you're right about your guess. This actually reminds me of drinking container during the world war or those seen in action movies.

    2. Those are WW II stainless steel mess kits and water jugs.

  4. Hi.
    How do we reach the place by public transport from Baguio City? What, where and how much are the rides to Luna from Baguio? I would presume we can just take a tricycle from Luna town proper to the place? Is there an overnight accommodation there? Thanks much.

    1. If you're from Baguio, you can ride any bus going to north such as Vigan. But if you will ride bus going to La Union (san fernando), you will take another bus from san fernando to Luna. The initial cost of bus from Baguio going to La Union (san fernando) is 80-105php.

      From san fernando city proper, you can wait bus in front of plaza.

      Going to Luna is pretty complicated but you can always ask the bus staffs to be safe. Ask them if the bus is heading to Luna (because some bus goes to different route).

      Yes you can just take a tricycle from Luna to bahay na bato. I'm not sure if there's a jeepney going there. Maybe you can rent a jeep or tricycle, so they can drop you and pick you after.

      About the overnight accomodation, I'm not very familiar in the place. I'm not sure if there's hotel available in Luna. But I believe you can stay exactly in bahay na bato overnight but there's a fee and it's very limited (maybe it can accomodate 1 family only).

  5. kapit barangay lang namin ito..
    from manila & baguio (ride a bus going to ILOCOS) you can tell the dispatcher to drop you in BALAOAN plaza...
    and take a tricycle going to bahay na bato... special fare 150minimun-special trip.. (20-30minute ride)
    you may also take tricycle BALAOAN to LUNA (10php/ head) - regular trip
    then LUNA town proper to BAHAY NA BATO 20-30PHP special trip...

  6. I am from luna but i stay here in manila...
    MANILA or BAGUIO you can ride a bus going to ILOCOS and tell the dispatcher to drop you in BALAOAN TOWN PROPER..
    from BALAOAN you can take tricycle to BAHAY na bato..it takes 20-30minutes ride (BLUE-PINK tricycle)
    FARE- 150minimum -special trip (1-2person)
    - 10PHP for regular fare from BALAOAN - LUNA town proper (5 passenger / trike)
    FARE- 30minimum - special trip (1-2person)
    -im not sure if its 10PHP/head going to bahay na bato (but you have to walk atleast a hundred meters going to BAHAY NA BATO)


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