Monday, September 29, 2014

Dove White Beauty Bar (Review)

There's a mix feeling of love and hate in my past experience with Dove soap. Since I was accustomed with bar soaps that gives a dry yet clean feeling, using Dove for the first time is quite a turn off. The new smooth bath experience can still be tolerated even if it feels like it doesn’t remove dirt and oil. It was during my high school years that I avoided this soap for the reason that it causes me to sweat more. The residues of the soap in the skin triggers perspiration for a student who has a lot of extra curricular activities and doesn’t have the luxury of staying in an air-conditioned room. The heat of the sun alone is uncomfortable and there’s even the bad humidity to count in. The discomfort intensified until it spoils my supposedly normal day.

Dove White Beauty Bar (Review)

Then I came back from using this soap. I find the change strange for I also can’t recall the main culprit that leads me to that shift. I still don’t like this for morning use but I found a way to appreciate it by using this only at night. The smooth and silky feel it provides makes the slumber heavenly. There’s something comforting in the way the fabric touches the skin when you use this. It makes my bed a soothing haven and takes part in giving me a good night sleep.

That was before. And it’s the unscented variant of Dove I’ve used in those days to mainly wash my face (and sometimes my body). From green unscented Dove Bar, now it's time for me to also check the Dove White Beauty Bar I was ignoring before. Does this heavily advertised Dove white beauty bar gives an impressive result and is true to its claim?

Ingredients of Dove Beauty Bar


The dove bar is encased in a sturdy box with dark blue and white design cover which I find simple and effective. Since our country has been their consumer for a long time, I hope they could remove the labels written in different language.


Soft. It doesn't melt but it gets soft. And that makes it unexciting to use too. You can remove it from the shower room and let it dry though.

With this soap, I didn't experience the extra creamy moisture I've encountered before or perhaps I've gotten immune to it? I'm confident to use this daily even with humid weather. It seems that the formula has changed for the better. No more problem with rinsing the stuff away.

Nothing really extraodinary though. I love the Dove body wash way more and would prefer the unscented Dove for solid soaps if I really need to go for a plain soap with no preservatives. The latter is more appealing for mildness' sake.

Do you like Dove Beauty Bar too?


  1. I like dove because it can go well wit hypoallergenic skin types.

  2. We also use Dove White Beauty Bar and we like it. The fragrance is just mild. You're right though - it's too soft so it's easy to be used up when left in water.


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