Sunday, September 21, 2014

Weekend Jam

The previous week was packed with program and activities. There's also the presence of typhoons and a discomfort brought by dysmenorrhea. Tasks still needs to be juggled. That's why I'm really looking forward for the end of the week to come.

Unwantedness, when shown openly, is very uninspiring. It can instantly change a fine mood into a pathetic feeling and hopelessness. It leaves an ugly impression, create division and a negative chain reaction to those who are a narrow minded.

Lesson Learned

-How do you want to be remembered someday? As source of inspiration, a role model or a bad example?
-Always put the convenience of the client as your top priority.
-Stay professional even without recognition.
-Creative ideas are gold.

Visiting My Closest Cousin

Even the Saturday ended so quick. I woke up, watched “The Game Plan” movie, used the computer and it's already 4:30pm when it was just a morning a while ago. I don't want to go out for I still haven't made a blog post. Not updating my blog gives me uneasiness. However, I was the one who made this idea in the first place and it's just about time to visit my dear cousin. Just reaching out and making them feel they're being remembered.

I'm thankful for my guy friend (originally my own cousin's barkada) who made this ambush possible. He's a good spy (researcher) with a good radar. Oh I hope he doesn't mind the burden and occasional demanding favors of making this trio friendship work. I hope this kumare kumpare would last a lifetime.

This event made me realize I don't want to go to hospital (especially public hospital) due to high risk of getting infected. Still I enjoy the simplicity of this gathering and I hope my companions somehow did. Naku pag hindi lagot ka sakin. There's something with mere presence with minimal expenses that makes it more genuine and valued.

Pig Pao in Chowking
A not so related picture of Piggy Pao from Chowking during my birthday treat. I didn't know that Panda Pao is chocolate flavored. So we trio ate the panda! Yum yum.

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