Monday, December 30, 2013

Subway Surfer Android Game

A look of Subway Surfer

Of all the application that I installed, this has the longest installing time. It also takes long to open

I might not think of playing something like this if it wasn't endorsed to me. I manage to quench the addiction to software games back when I was a child because parents were killjoy.

This game has a big resolution. You need 3rd party software if you want to play it to another android cellphone or tablet.

It’s like temple run yet you cannot move the character by tilting your tablet. I find myself playing this game absent mindedly, I’m not really serious about playing this. I cannot move forward to another challenge because I’m stuck into the part that I have to beat a friend, maybe in facebook. I'm not really going online through my tab.

I was wondering what the multiplier is all about. Then after playing it many times, I realize that it was the score. Back then, I was thinking that it’s kinda useless. Go for multiplier if you want to top the score. But for me, I just hopefully wanted to finish the race, and I wonder if it’s ever possible.

Hearsay, there's a cheat to unlock all the characters though I would want a cheat for unlimited coins. I find it hard to earn coins, and impossible to experience double coins for I think it was something to be bought.

Something that annoys me:
1. Super sneakers
I mostly lost the game when I use it.

2. Play button
I realize that when I click the play button instantly, the coins you got from the last game will not be counted. Imagine your effort being wasted.

Play Button in Subway Surfer

Dead End in Beating Up Friend in Subway Surfer

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