Monday, July 14, 2014

The Sad Truth about Commuting Life

The normal day to day activities found in our community serve as a mirror of our present values. It may sound silly but it’s usually in jeepneys and other medium of transportation that a great part of population meets. We admittedly ignore each other and become witness of our own reflection and those good and best forgotten deeds.

Traveling at Night in aTricycle

Things have change that you have to remember the plate number of tricycle you are riding and text it at home. One night, I asked a tricycle driver what the fare is and said P50. I didn't know it costs like that.

No One Moves

You know that the jeep still occupies 5-6 persons but no one seems to like you as their seatmates. Then you have to really say "Excuse me" to get someone move. Older folks differ, they're the own who moves to get you occupied, they also sometimes let there little kids sit in their laps.

Say thanks, Say Please!

Some commuters want courtesy and some are even frank to point it out. I have a humiliating experience when I was still studying on a public secondary school. I passed my money silently to an old lady near me, and she looked at me with disgust and said to everyone how bad our manners are especially because we belong to a public school. Upon seeing my uniform, she started comparing us to their private students. Since then, I always say "kindly pass my fare" and "thank you" but her kind of approach and humiliation will not easily be forgotten.

Use Bigger Bills or They'll Give You No Change

Don't ever think of giving P10 if you only need to pay P8. Most jeepneys especially the big ones will not give you change. I have a friend before who was mocked of getting her P2 peso change and the driver said something about getting a mere coin to buy her candies.

Unlimited Trash

It’s either the trash are folded and stuck on a corner or thrown out of the window. There's no getting embarrass anymore.

Incredibly Slow

Avoid minicabs when you're hurrying. They're usually configured slower so to save gas. It was once done in tricycle, now it's very apparent on minicabs. Choose larger jeepneys if you’re conscious of time.

Not Choosing of Whom to Get Rude At

I was mere grade 3 where the fare started to change to P3 or perhaps P3.50. There is a new jeepney driver whose routine passes our elementary school. After paying our fare, I didn't know he was angry at us for paying only P3 when it doesn't really matter for older jeepney drivers. It only made sense when a woman volunteered of paying the cents which he didn’t accepted. The driver doesn’t want to fetch us after that incident. That was a very unkindly experience by a new comer for a young kid who's been commuting alone and for a long time. I wonder if his angry demeanor really has changed the way commuters pay cents.

Trash talking is common too.

Over Loading in Bus

Bus seldom moves out from bus stop unless their sits are fully occupied. They still get passengers along the road especially buses with longer route. I usually experienced too much standing passenger that I can't see the road and even forgot the plastic of my goods.

Do you have some awkward experience when commuting too? Or just some observations you can share?


  1. commute commute....I noticed that gays let me sit properly than men

    1. Thanks for dropping by ^_^... Oh em... what you shared is funny it made me smile


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