Wednesday, July 23, 2014

OraCare Cool Mouthrinse Review

Bottle of OraCare Cool Mouthrinse

Brushing and flossing teeth is a regimen I do to make my teeth clean and healthy. I tried using Listerine before, but I realized that flossing will do the trick to make the breath smell better. Using a soft brittle toothbrush to reach the part where dental floss cannot get through is also a good technique. Avoid brushing your teeth too hard, I saw some people do that. Besides we are only trying to remove the food residue, scrubbing hard will not make it whiter instead it can hurt the enamel of our teeth.


There are different formulations of mouthwashes and each addresses different needs. It can provide different benefits depending on the ingredients it has. It may have fluoride that helps prevent cavities, agent that fight gum diseases, freshens breath or whitens teeth. Alcohol-free are good for those who have dry mouth. To know better which mouthwash is best for you, consult your dentist.

Ingredients of Oracare

OraCare Cool Mouthrinse contains Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide, a revolutionary compound that gets rid of strong mouth odors all over the mouth. It has no alcohol and no sting for effective and longer rinsing. Experience the cool fresh feeling without the sting.


The bottle of the OraCare Cool mouthwash has a very nice and elegant design and it comes with a labeled cup for precise measurement. The color and its shiny sticker make it catchier to the eye. The bottle has a sturdy feel and is very handy for traveling.

Review and Experience

It doesn’t sting because it doesn’t have alcohol. There’s no need to dilute it in water unlike other mouthwashes. Once gargled, it leaves a very mild coolness and minty taste. It somehow smells and tastes like chlorine which is logical for it has a stabilized chloride dioxide on it. There isn’t a super cold, spicy and chilling freshness when using this but it’s a gentle and mild choice for a mouth rinse.

Measuring cap of mouthrinse

Likes and Dislikes

I like that it has a measuring cup so for a less hassle experience. However, it’s only good for 5 uses for a small bottle given that it only has 80ml. I do hope that the price is reasonable enough as I don’t buy mouthwashes anymore. Could it be that the concentrated ingredients is just a safety measure for consumers? There are some beliefs that the fluoride that coats our teeth after brushing can be washed away by mouthrinse.


Yes. For those who wants to go alcohol-free.

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