Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Awkwardness of Applying for an Internet Connection

This second telecommunication company is my last option if I wanted a stable and monthly paid internet connection. My first attempt from a different company was rejected since the signal perhaps couldn't reach the area. And that's a different story.

My experience and my second attempt in availing an internet connection.

A Call from an Agent

An agent called to verify if I wanted to avail their internet plan. After confirming it's true, he only said to report to their office and call them if necessary. There is insufficient information starting here, the agent didn't say the process that a client will undergo nor did he say what necessary requirements to bring.

In the Company

Right after I sat, my ID was asked and a form was given for me to fill up. Suddenly, I just heard about the 3000 bill to be paid every month. Ooops... Everything just felt so wrong. I wasn't even aware if there is a cash in. I am deprived with necessary information (orientation and explanation) and felt trapped into submission. Good thing I have a background knowledge and a bit of experience in this area.

I made a move to ask a lot of questions regarding the amount and number of days of installation, the kind of connection, the minimum speed, if problem arises and more... I even asked for a flier which I think all of these should automatically done. Still, it seems that there are a lot of missed information. The plans are not explained especially the kind of plan that suits an applicant like me.

The 3000 story

A P3000 bill was such a bomb surprise not to mention too expensive. His response is, “Ganun talaga”. I just couldn't believe. Hindi ako makapaniwala. How come? Why? Feeling a bit ashamed, I asked what's the cheapest plan. (What if the other customer doesn't know there's a cheaper alternative?).

I can't get over the part hat he offered the 3000 plan that has up to 8Mbps. When honestly, I can survive with a mere 500kbps as long as it's consistent. Is that a marketing standard or just commission-driven? I ended up availing a bundle of P1300 plan. However I have hesitation since I feel the Plan 999 with 3 Mbps suits me better.

I pity those poor customers especially those naive. I recommend to seek the opinion of professional or friends who knows better before engaging in an area you don't specialize.

How about you? Do you have some awkward experiences too? Are you just fine with your current internet connection?

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