Saturday, July 19, 2014

Loaded Weekend, Blog Update

I've gotten quite busy due to the dull tasks I need to finish. I have no choice but to submit myself. Nevertheless I tried my best to catch up with blogging. I have many pending posts to make uh-oh. And I also cannot keep myself from knocking out in bed.

Here are some of the stories within that fortnight:

Promdi meets Probinsiyana

As promised. It's our anniversary and there's a sudden unplanned celebration. The simplicity is almost a perfect bliss if only an ill luck didn't happen. There are still highlights of this special day such as seeing priceless joy right through the eyes of my better half and then followed by tears I found flowing in his eyes. How often would you see a guy cry?

The Loss of Phone

This is how I spoiled everything and is the ill luck I am referring. This loss has paralyzed me and took me days before the nightmare subsided then finally found the acceptance. The sim has a sentimental value for it's a bridge of the big events and breaks in my life. It's a remembrance of the fruit of my labors and it has accompanied me for a long span of years. This loyal sim had been with me like a silent friend in the best and hardest days in my life. Goodbye sim...nothing is permanent with gadgets.

The Death

The cancer has finally taken his last breath. What's hurt most is the years that was stolen and the pain that he has to endure. The last word “Babalik ako Nay ha” is unforgettable. I took a nap and heard him say near me “Don't tell them, I'm here”. I woke up and said I heard him in my dreams, too late I spilled the beans before I realize. That's the day he died.


How I love to brainstorm and learn. How nice to make my brain working again. I love to work with people and especially with enthusiasts. I wanted to be trained and see how far I can reach. I wanted to work in a team who can confidently share their knowledge. The big problem is unstable internet connection and learning the basics alone.

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