Thursday, August 28, 2014

Disadvantage of Big Eyelashes: Eye aches...

Eyelashes Strands

Just when there's a high demand of being in front of the monitor, my left eye turned red. It feels like the tiny blood veins bursts. Do I have a frail eye now? Am I showing the signs of early aging or I went beyond the maximum capacity of what eyes can tolerate?

Finding solution

Good thing I was able to inspect my eyes closely. It started while taking a snapshot of my reddish left eye for documentation/remembrance purposes. I took a mirror (used with camera) to aid in creating the right angle. That perhaps the time I noticed there's an eyelash inside my eyes. Then I remember that there was indeed an eyelash earlier, I left it that way believing that ignoring it will repair itself. This is where being too confident and the lack of panic doesn't work. (That could work with puwing).

To my horror, it was two strands. It's only a mere luck to notice there's still one left. The strands was almost on the very inner part of the eyes that it seems it could literally get inside. Recently I realizes how bugging it is to have a very long eye lashes. This is the product of mothers cutting their kids eyelashes so it will be longer when they're older.

Puwing, Irritation in Eyes

You see? What could have happen if it was left ignored for the following days? Then my eyes will turn redder while it produces a lot of tears or mucus hoping to remove the foreign material. Then it will swell. Will it end up getting worse to the extent of blindness? I'm thankful I got a hold of the mirror else it would not occur to me that what I felt is actually itchiness.

Lesson Learned?

Don't ignore an eyelash.

Do you feel your eyes aching or you're experiencing blurry visions even with just a short time of using a desktop computer?

It is best to use a flat screen (LCD) than CTR kind of monitor. I thought I need an eye glasses back then, but I realized the culprit is the location of the computer. The monitor should not face the source of light (mainly the sunlight) else the light you absorb doubles. It means you're stressing your eyes not only of the monitor's light but also the reflected light of the sun through the glass of your monitor.

Would you still like to cut your eyelashes for the desire of longer strands?


  1. I also have long lashes so I can totally relate huhu. What I do is curl them so that they won't go inside my eye/s. (they sometimes do)
    Tsaka gina-guide ko yung buhok kung saang direction sya dapat pumunta/tumubo. (sometimes sinusuklay suklay ko sya gamit yung maliit na suklay para sa eyebrow hahaha)

    1. Maybe I should start curling my eyelashes again. My curler has been broken ages ago. I am just hesitant to touch my lashes since they might all fall (that's the time I stop using curler). With very long lashes, sometimes I just fold them using my fingers -_- Worst is that they're really straight...



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