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Glamglow Tinglexfoliate Treatment Mud Mask Review

Glamglow Tinglexfoliate Treatment Mud Mask Review

The Glamglow Tinglexfoliate Treatment mask is said to be a staple of Holywood celebrities for a camera ready soft glowing skin. Among all of its ingredient, 3 are given the most of the spotlight:

1. Green Tea Leaf

2. Volcanic Pumice Rock

This rock has the ability to float in water and was formed by volcano activity. It is used in production of light concrete even before the ancient times. It has other industrial uses and beauty purposes such as for removal of hair and foot scrub.

3. French Sea Clay

This unscented clay is also known as Green Clay/Illite Clay. It contains different minerals and considered effective and high quality. It is believed to have healing properties and capable of absorbing odor and poisons. Clay should be used with glass or wooden materials and shouldn't be used with metal. (I wonder if they didn't use trucks made of metal in gathering and during processing).

Price: P 3,750 for 50 grams

Mud mask particles
In the right picture you will notice how fast the mask dries.


It is rough to apply and dries quickly. It starts to harden even if you're not done with the application. From gray with tidbits of dried leaves, the clay turns white. (Shouldn't it be green since it's a French Clay?) It is advised to rinse it in circular motion.


The smell would instantly remind someone of herbs and Green Tea being the most dominant scent. It doesn't smell like a clay (if clay does really smell). You probably need to get accustomed to its scent and just ignore it. This doesn't have a greenish color like some french sea clay.

Quick drying mud

Since this is a first time mud mask experience, the effect was quite new to me. It feels like you've coated yourself with bee venom that vanishes as the clay hardens. I was scared and alarmed from the stinging sensation that lasts quickly. It's as if a spice or a menthol is used on the face. I applied it thinly since it dries pretty quick. It is easy to wash. There is really a supple and smooth feel as you rinse it of. It doesn't feel dry after. I feel clean and fresh.

Using with Warm Water

The clay draws out oil, dirt and moisture. The plan I had is to use warm water to open the pore while cleansing and to use mud mask after and just rinse with normal water. The tingling sensation is twice or thrice and was painful. I felt my cheeks turned red and subsided later. Whew! My skin was so dry and stiff after. I don't have moisturizer. Lesson learned? Don't use warm water without considering the kind of products you're using. Antibacterial cleanser can be that drying too.

Selfie Mud Mask

I use abrasive exfoliators (beady or grainy scrubs) only if I have peeking white heads which seldom happen. I could perhaps try chemical exfoliators to tame the close and non-inflamed pimples in my forehead.


- The flier that comes with the sample has a label “paraben free” but if you'll look at the ingredients, it actually has.
- I know how thrilling it is to use a some product that came from volcano but there are other kinds of scrubs other than that. I wanted to know if the gathering process is not detrimental to the environment.
- It doesn't give me a noticeable three-day glow.
- It feels like I haven't taken advantage with the other promising ingredient it has since you have to remove the product on your face quickly
- It feels potent.

Rate:   3/5

No. It's too expensive and I might try plainer mud. It doesn't give me breakouts though. What I would like to try in their line is the Clearing Treatment and Eye Treatment.

 No. But if you have the money, you could try.


  1. Replies
    1. Got it from sample room... ^_^

  2. I love the way it improved my skin with just one use but you are right sis, I would not buy it because of the expensive price! I can buy lots of other skin care in comparison to one tub of this but its really a great product. I would not say no to it but I would not buy one for now.

    1. It took me 1 sachet of mask to start to to like it. Yes it's kinda expensive and somehow I like the effect of this whenever I woke up. Feels like blooming. Thanks for dropping by ^_^


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