Sunday, August 31, 2014

Joining the Burt’s Bees Instagram Contest

And here I am again, trying to join contests online. Haayst, I remember I joined the Samsung Giveaway last time but I will not include the link here because I look gross there. :D Of course, there's instagram problem again. I made an account already but the camera of my tablet has some problem. The answer I made is in this blog article: I Live a Natural Life Because...

After all the efforts, this entry will not be submitted since I don't have a functioning instagram and the deadline is today.

The mechanics is to take a picture of the sample you have from Burt's Bees and complete the sentence of why you live a natural life and post it in instagram. (Why not facebook when there's fewer user in instagram? It makes me wonder. Don't they like a wider coverage?)

Joining the Burt’s Bees Instagram Contest

Selfie Burt's Bees

Different samples of burt's bees

How about you? Do you like joining giveaways?


  1. hi, teri! thank you for the comment! :) aww burts bees is my number 1 brand for chapped lips :)

    1. Me too... So far it's the best lip balm I have tried... No prob, I'm actually subscribing in your blog through blogger. ^_^ Thanks for dropping by too.


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