Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Dove Intense Repair Conditioner Review

dove damage therapy conditioner review

Haloo. Another conditioner again? Uhmm yes. I chose a big bottle for my scalp and hair to adjust before it gets empty. In what I’ve said last time of being afraid of trying different stuff, my feelings haven’t change. I’m still wary and in the quest of finding the perfect conditioner and shampoo for my hair, or better say alternatives.

Intense Repair? My hair needs no repairing since it’s as virgin as it can be. Hair straightening is the only sure way of taming and fighting frizzy fly away ends, other products only gives me doubt with their claims and effectiveness. Unfortunately hair rebond is expensive. My best pick is still Creamsilk for ordinary hair and Tresemme or Loreal Hair Mask for chemically treated hair.

Instruction of Dove Intense Conditioner

Main observations:

Strong smell. How I miss the smell of the Dove body wash which is mild and soothing. This conditioner is opposite and can be uncomfortable for some. I personally don’t like the smell which makes it looks potent. Weird enough, the scent hardly sticks on the hair. It only leaves a minimal smell that you may not even notice at first. Hmm, so what’s really the point of giving the product that strong scent? But then I love the smell of the pink Dove conditioner.

Hydrates the hair. Dove Intense Repair Conditioner could perhaps be good for those who have dry hair and wanted to give life to their dull hair. The effect was evident at first until you’ll get immune on daily use. My hair looks partly damp and very soft. Few weeks later, it’s as if my hair is as normal and hasn’t undergone a very impressive change. It works just like an average conditioner which is not that bad if you have a preference in this brand.

dove repair therapy intense repair conditioner
Did you notice how unique the conditioner is? It isn’t sticky even if it looks heavy. It is runny in a way that it moves as I change the level of my hands. It reflects light too.

  • Hair is still buhaghag
  • Nothing to worry when it comes to build up
  • Light and easy to wash

Note: The shampoo used is Sunsilk/Syoss and hair is natural and not chemically treated.

Are you using Dove shampoo and conditioner too?


  1. I also find dove conditioners to have that strong scent, even their shampoos. I think that could be harsh to our hair.

    1. I haven't tried their other conditioners and shampoo that long enough. The last time I remember, the shampoo is just fine naman. I am loyal to my conditioners and shampoo back then kasi. I am afraid of rumors that switching hair products is bad.


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