Friday, August 29, 2014

Tracking your Parcel in the Post Office

A package from a foreign country is expected to arrive in our doorsteps. 27 days has passed but there is still no updates. There is no tracking number to make the situation harder. You can either wait and leave it that way or somehow make a move.

One of the common destination of packages is in the Post Office. Hearsay it is one of the not so secure way of sending your package abroad due to the high possibility of long delays and lost of items. It is the shipping method used for those who prefer cheap shipping fee or free shipment in online clothing and accessories businesses outside the country. Expect it to arrive longer than the alternatives. Waiting time is 15-30 days or more.

Inside the Post Office

There is no lunch break policy so you can still be entertained at lunch time. Bring a lot of patience, understanding and smile for you would be meeting old public servants who can be snobbish and tactless at no time.

How it Went

The frontliner was getting impatient on the confused young lady in front of me. It seems that she doesn't know what she's doing or the instruction was not well explained to her. Meanwhile, I asked if I have a package and she asked me of my tracking number. She asked my name. Then she said if you didn't receive a note from a kartero, perhaps you don't have a package. I wanted to ask further questions but she dismissed me.

Inside thought: What if the kartero lost the note? I hope that she at least tried to look on the database after asking my name so that the effort made in going there and the money wasted for fare went for something worth it.

With no one else to ask, I talked to the same young lady about her package. It came from a foreign country too and was sent on August 15. That's quite fast (almost 15 days). She said her friend got a problem and received her parcel after 2 months 0_o.

At least, I found someone approachable enough...

The Process of Delivery in the Post Office

The kartero will notify you of an awaiting package by giving you a note (a piece of paper) that you will eventually use to get the parcel personally at the Post Office.


  1. usually the note from the kartero is lost, such a would be really nice if we could use our post office for mails

    1. Really? That's unfortunate...I hope that they could improve the post offices in our country. Especially that online shops are getting popular.


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