Monday, August 25, 2014

Reaching 20,000 views and a Blog Reflection

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Last year, my blog is only a personal hub and an outlet. I still don't know about the nitty gritty of the blogging world. I read but I don't pay attention and I don't mind. I didn't realize then that there are treasures you can uncover and words which forms as clues that requires skill to be able to read the meaning between the lines. There are exclusive information that will slowly reveal as you finish a certain level.

You would find a different culture and an existing community if you're really willing to seek. This is a beautiful game that can give you profit depending on the level you want to reach. There is also etiquette, a need of discipline and long patience to learn what lies behind. There are rejections too but that's a lesson and a way to shape you up.

10,000 to 20,000 Views

Few months ago, I was so happy to finally reach 10,000 views. It was because it seems that I am stuck in 8,000 with one year of blogging. Slowly, I learn to participate in the game, experiment and take the risk. Then I reached 20,000 views for few months. That's fast and unbelievable and at the same time funny. It's nice since the views are genuine, my personal view is not counted for I disable that function. (Since all I wanted back then is to know the honest page view of my site).

A Shared Wisdom

To last long in this industry, you must be the kind of person who really loves to write and comfortable with a diary or journal way of writing (or perhaps an inborn writer). Try your best to write a post that can benefit the readers while you consider the length and its substance. Don't bore them and help Google engine by not littering in the web and being responsible on your written posts. A personal touch would imply trust. Consider the fact that the web originated out of the need for information and for educational purposes.

Someday I'll share why I've written this blog in the first place, my blogging history and who inspired me to go further...

Happy 20,000 view to me!


  1. Hello Teri! I just nominated you for the liebster award ^_^ Sorry for the late update!

  2. thank you for sharing your nuggets of wisdom about blogging! i started mine last year also.

    1. I went to your blog, I might join your give away :D... Congrats to your blog success, I hope I can host a giveaway too...

  3. I'd look forward to knowing the inspiration behind your blog :)


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