Monday, August 11, 2014

Past Week and Why it's Crazy

It was a very demanding and time consuming week. Everything is rushed if not delayed. It's as if I was a ball bouncing everywhere, thrown and unable to stop. It's too tiring (Is it? I think I mostly sleep over the idea). I'm glad it's all over now.

Rain = No Laundry

It's been raining every afternoon. Even the days are sunless with random light rains. The struggling part is washing the clothes without a spinner. It's very discouraging especially that I was sick. How I love to have a washing machine that makes the clothes ready to use after, or I hope someone could invent something (such as a room with well ventilation design) that makes the clothes dry faster.

Unintentional Sleep

Should I blame the Solmux syrup? Or it's just my body that cannot hold the stress of everything? Such a very lame excuse! I don't believe such a medicine can make someone sleep since it never happened before. However I found myself with droopy eyes while merely sitting on a chair. I guess I could have sleep stiffly there (but before that happens I jump myself into my bed! Oh no not again) I messed my week with this.

Pending Application for Internet Connection

2nd week has passed and still my internet connection wasn't installed. At the same time, my project has been in pending phase because of their slow service. The refund in the rejected Smart internet plan is not reimbursed yet. I didn't have a clue they're not open even on Saturdays, what a hassle going there. From Smart you have to get the refund from its sister company which is the PLDT. Business hours is only from Monday-Friday (which I only learned after my second personal follow up there). If you're not available on week days, you need an authorization letter, receipt and an identification card and let someone do the stuff for you. I'm starting to get edgy until the late lunch yesterday came and finally I'm officially connected!

Angeline Quinto Sings for Us

I didn't even know her. Still I enjoyed her performance. I like her voice best, the bit of humor and the way she laugh as she went down the stage and went around for the audience twice. It was the first time I saw an artist stayed and roamed that long. So cool!

After searching google images, I realized I knew her from a showbiz issue where a mother claims her as her lost daughter. Angeline Quinto looks gorgeous on stage and I really do admire her fresh look, outfit and perfect make up on that event but honestly if you searched around google you'll notice that she doesn't have a consistent make up. I just didn't recognized her easily and even the old lady beside me asked “Do you know her?”.

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