Thursday, August 21, 2014

Lady Like Fashion Clothes from Quiz Clothing Online Shop (Wishlist)

These are my best finds from the online shop of Quiz Clothing. I have this habit of looking around on online for clothes I really wanted to have, a virtual version of window shopping. Besides, it provides you a wider range of choices and less hassle.

When it comes to buying clothes, I really roam on every stalls, cheap or branded, and look for what my heart really desires. Usually I end up bringing nothing even after the patient scrutiny and long and tiring search. Worst, (a common experience) I realized I bought something that really doesn't fit me well and a design I wouldn't like to wear everyday. What a waste of time and money! The best clothes are already taken by the previous buyers and all that is left  are the old stocks that no one seems to pick.

Quiz Clothing Clothes

If you are interested in the same product, the links are provided so you can access and see more of its details.

Quiz Clothing Clothes:

The butterfly shirt. The life cycle of butterfly is a common illustration we've seen even during our toddler’s day, in the textbooks in our school and in the open space of gardens where they fly freely. I love butterflies. Their growing stage made butterfly to symbolize transformation. I’ve been inside the cocoon for the long time and now I'm pleased to spread the wings nurtured by the wisdom I learned long ago.

I chose the other white top because it can be striking if you need to be. You'll be eye catching and radiating in a simple way. This could also good alternative to night gimmicks if you want to be comfortable. On the other hand, the pink jumper is so lady like and huggable. I love long sleeve.

Bags, Scarves, Hats and Gloves


Scarves, Hats and Gloves

I always wanted to have a small bag for a leisurely walk which requires lesser things to bring. Enjoy the stroll and distraction from heavy bags (that sometimes thief-catchy). The less the better.  I chose this color for a feminine look.

The scarf caught my attention since behind its pink color lies the printed picture of skulls. This is where my weirdness attacks, "I am not totally pink, you're deceived!". Buy yourself a scarf to keep  you warm on cold days...

Dangling Earrings gold and silver

Quiz Clothing Accessories:

This dangling earring will add up to the sophistication you want to achieve. Perfect for those who have round and square face. This will make an illusion of longer face and would soften the cheekbones and jaw lines.

White Oval Diamante Pumps white shoes

Quiz Clothing Footwear:

I was thrilled when I saw this white shoes. White has always been my signature color for shoes. Other agrees that it looks good on me. There's always purity, cleanliness and lightness feel with this color.

My wishlist is done, what's yours? You can access their site here: I have a very nice browsing experience in their site plus their images are well done. The clothes are projected well by their models and they have virtual fitting room you can try.

Do like my wishlist too? Would love to hear some feedback...

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