Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Rain Rain Go Away Weekend

Different sizes of eggplants
We ended up eating our eggplant crops, fruits are generously produced this rainy season. I love the mild sweetness of prinitong talong.

Weekend has ended and I'm still longing for another rest day. I didn't even enjoy this short vacation. My body is sore all over and sure it will be another stressful week. I want to have a break and go to some far and peaceful place. I picture myself lying on a duyan with coconut trees surrounding me as I stare dreamily of the finest white sand and the captivating beach of Pagudpud.

Still sick...

Another way of spoiling weekend is missing the laundry chore due to the stubborn rain and being sick at the same time. Googling around, I learned that colds is different from flu as the latter is worse and takes longer to heal. Flu is more contagious. Oh year I did some self medication which I wouldn't advice to everyone. It would be nice to go with a concern companion, but to go alone? Nevermind. If everything gets worse I’m ok with euthanasia. Kidding!


I have a lot of thing in mind (potential topics, unfinished drafts), I just cannot find the mood and inspiration. I keep on staring at the monitor while my mind wanders of my responsibilities, my future and career. And then there's the pile of work pa pala.

Meanwhile, I did a 1 hour community-like service in our backyard for reason I am not really sure, maybe I just wanted to keep moving or to reach out. I hope to get rid of those weeds soon. You never know what's hiding there, it can be snake (we do have before) or some dogpoops that you wouldn't want stepping at and smelling like that >_<

Trimming grasses
Still looks a mess noh? I only removed the grass and ignored the vegetables such as saluyot.

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