Sunday, August 31, 2014

I Live a Natural Life Because...

...because it leads to a long term health and happiness. Simple way of living gives us clearer mind far from stress and chaos and connects us deeper with nature. With peace in our souls, we'll certainly see the blessings given to us and be grateful for that. Take it slow and start being natural from within and feel the difference. There will always a therapeutic and refreshing feeling as we embrace an organic lifestyle. Let's stop polluting the earth with chemical and make the earth breathe easier!

Organic products has higher quality and more delicious. When we buy foods in the market, we are not sure if the vegetables are really free from pesticides. We do not want those chemicals to cause us cancer, fertility disorder and to affect our nervous system. If we adapt a natural approach, it will not only have a big impact to our health and our love ones but also will benefit other living organisms such as animals. Eating clone foods or GMOs has undiagnosed consequences.

Are you wondering why the apple still looks good even if it came a long way from a distant country? Do you still want to eat the peelings of the fruit since it's the part with higher concentrations of vitamins and antioxidants? I was horrified when Mom said they're putting wax on the apple or worst formalin. It's ridiculous when you only want to be healthy by eating fruits but you're actually exposing yourself in more peril. Some fruits still contain pesticides even after washing it and stripping its peel, same as what we applied on our skin is also absorbed by our skin. If worm and leptospirosis can easily enter our skin, how much more in the lotions with preservatives such as paraben that we apply daily?

If you have a backyard, plant your own vegetables. :)

For the sake of article photo, Lola's garden in the second floor of the house (We don't have a backyard)
For the sake of article photo, Lola's garden in the second floor of the house (We don't have a backyard)

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