Saturday, August 9, 2014

50 Shades of Grey: Why Quit?

Review of Fifty Shades of Grey

A year ago, it was the talk in our cubicles during coffee breaks. Intrigued, I got myself a copy of the trilogy. I have finished half of the first book and quit. You'll understand why the elders don't like their kids reading pocketbooks.

This is so far the only book with adult content that I didn't finish. Because I find it too much! The rated PG activities were too long that I start to ask myself if where would the story go and lead us. I want a story that could stand alone and where bodily desires is only a side dish, not the main and boring plot.

My Reason of Quitting

1. Too much fantasy. Do you believe such a guy exist? Or it's a guy that only belongs to some fantasy world? Guys in the books are usually different from what guys we have in real life. Game of Thrones is better, harsh but at least it feels lively and real.
2. Impatience. Denying and prolonging the suspense and mysteries would enough reason to get impatient. Should I continue? Will it be worth it? Will it give me the peak of amazement from an unexpected twist and part revealed? But when?
3. Lesson Learned. Do you somehow learned some valuable lesson from the book? Or it only served as a food for your lust?
4. Lost of attachment. Not only the book is poorly written but you'll also lose the attachment. The literary art is taken for granted and its like a porn in a written form. There's a inadequacy of focus for the other part of the story
5. Expect skipping some pages.

Done with half of the book but:

- The reason for its title “Fifty Shades of Grey” is still vague.
- The personality of Grey is still a mystery.

This book is associated with Twilight since the story was originally a fan fiction made from Twilight casts. Wouldn't it be nice if Bella and Edward was still the casts of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie?

The book should at least be trimmed to have some balance and instead of trilogy one will suffice. Sex is an agenda that sells, a marketing strategy, and if no one minds the quality then it becomes a porn. It is quite alarming that this book would be in the hands of the younger youth. Imagine their mindset to be “Oh it's okay, everyone knows and doing it!”

The Movie Trailer

Nonetheless, I might watch the movie. There are instances that movies makes the story better than books. I hope it leaves a positive impression.

In the film adaptation, Dakota Johnson will play the role of Anastasia Steele.

Disclaimer: Please understand that this opinion is made without finishing the whole series

Did you enjoy reading thebook?


  1. I have an e-copy of this book, but haven't really had the time to sit on it. Until this time, i've learned that the book has its motion picture already, saw the trailer too. Nan! even Sen. Merriam Defensor Santiago has this books in her shelves, though it remained there untouched. Now, the story is quite intriguing me!

    1. Tell me if you enjoyed reading it XD... I will keep my copy of this book and if the movie is good, I might consider reading it again. ^_^

  2. Read it. All of it. The story was good, albeit poorly written. Yes, I'm 16 and so is my friend who had read the same book (thrice, if you'd ask).

    "I want a story that could stand alone and where bodily desires is only a side dish, not the main and boring plot."
    ~The book was tagged "erotic romance". Erotic, as defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is something that is strongly marked or affected by sexual desire. SEXUAL DESIRE. That may well be true, that it talks about bodily desires, but in your case, you haven't finished the book yet. I would like to tell you other non-sexual things that happened between Ana and Christian but that would be spoiling. You should've thought of that before writing this.

    1. Too much fantasy- Agree, but the book is fictional! ;)
    2. Impatience- I too, had my times being impatient on what would happen next on their journey but that's not a reason to quit. Should you continue? Why, yes, of course! It shows that you are willing to know more about the plot. To more about the character. Learning their ways (both physical and mental), mapping their gestures, wearing their shoes and walking them too! "Will it be worth it? Will it give me the peak of amazement from an unexpected twist and part revealed? But when?" If you are really willing to know what lies behind a wall of brick, then you should go build a ladder and use it. After reaching the top, you might see a beautiful world. I guess that's for you too find out.
    3,4 and 5 are totally agreeable though I learned some lessons but I didn't lost my attachment to the book (I actually loved it! But don't get me wrong, I'm a virgin.) and I DID NOT SKIP. HAHAHAHAHA. You might find an inadequacy for the other part of the story because you haven't read all of it. You might actually find it funny and super nakakakilig. Haha Besides, it's not "just sex"! There's more to it than you'll see! :D

    Mysterious, eh? You'll find more about Christian if you're done reading Fifty Shades Darker :D



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