Friday, August 1, 2014

A Thoughtful Past Days and Weeks

Random Act of Kindness

It started from an “I love you” message from a dearest friend. A random genuine recognition is what someone needs when everything seems bleak and dull. As if I am recharged and nothing has changed, and this is still the same person that I have loved from the beginning despite the long distance and busy requisite of life. I am now assured that no matter what happen, I will be always be a part of their life.

Another friend who always bullies me for being so late bloomer, conservative (so manang) and for the mere fun of just teasing me says she misses me. She keeps on bugging me before that I will not miss her, though she said a couple of times that I am a best friend. Of course I miss her but I’m not really gonna tell her liberally, for she would endlessly laugh again. >_<

Medicine for cough, itchy throat and runny nose

Then mother gave this medicine, which I appreciated too. For I have flu and I thought I would have to struggle getting med from pharmacy. There’s something with small things that weighs big and gives greater impact. It may be awkward but this is how to say “I love you” indirectly.

There are times that you cannot hide something, and you’ll end up having oh yes puffy eyes. A colleague treated me a chocolate drink. In my surprise, she gave me a Del Monte in can the following day with a note attached. She always randomly gives me a piece of chocolate even before.

Nestle Chuckie Drink

So now, I’m still ill. It’s so ironical when the cause of my sickness is another chuckie. That’s even my first time buying that drink. So guys, avoid cold drinks and chocolates especially now that it's rainy season. I was even confident I wouldn’t be infected. The odds were on me unexpectedly, it gave itchiness on my throat until I ended having flu.

No more tampos, everything just really gets busy when we grow older. So we have to understand if our friends couldn't keep in touch that often. It will always be the old broom that sweeps better. Old friends are tested.

Hmmm... So how about you, do you have some worth remembering experiences or highlights of the past weeks that touched your heart?


  1. The weather is just too much lately. Extreme - extreme.

  2. The weather is tolerable naman as long as I wouldn't get sick or there is no brown out. Take care ^_^ and thanks for dropping by.


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