Saturday, August 16, 2014

She's Dating a Gangster Book Review

Book Cover

I doubt that this will make me cry. I'm always this skeptical when something gains popularity. There are times kasi that the talk is not so true and only makes trend because of the mystery and curiosity of the mass. Who want to be hoaxed anyway? If time permits, I challenge truthfulness and form my firsthand opinion and judgment.

Main Book Observations:

1. Quite a bad example for youth. We should understand that it's only a fiction and just adapting the ways of modern teenagers. Readers would get an idea that it's just okay to excessively trash talk and die. Smoking and drinking is just normal in the book and the conservative ways of Filipino are just taken for granted. This is the most alarming indirect part of the story.

2. White Lies. This can also be connected on my first observation. There is an excessive white lies that might influence my belief of “being open in a relationship is a must and lying is one of the most forbidden acts”. Does white lies acceptable? I wonder what Papa Jack would say.

3. Film Adaptation. The resemblance of personality between the characters of the book and the artists that played the role of protagonists in the movie is hardly seen. Only through the half part of the story that I can picture Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. Perhaps it's because they're mostly childish especially in the earlier part until the change of personality has taken place while the story progress. This is where I also admire the writer on arrays of emotions she put on her story.

4. The way it was written. The original ebook is written informal Tagalog. The author uses a lot of Korean words (the characters are half Korean), name calls and smileys. It was uncomfortable to read at first due to exaggeration of the way Athena rants and thinks. Some readers may have an issue in the way it was written.

Did the book made me cry?

Yes it did. The drama still caught me unexpectedly and made me cry. Those who love seriously and undergone heart aches could relate with this.

What to expect in the story?

This is a teenage sweethearts story that has a lot of humor and kilig moments. There is a bit of drama that can make someone cry (unless the reader has a cold heart). So what if it's almost a recycled plot like the movie “We were here” and “Sky of Love” if this one has it own twist and funny scenes that will make you want to finish until its last part. If you are obsessive compulsive with how books are written, this book is not for you.

Lesson Learned

Being stupid is part of growing up. We tend to have a lot of unnecessary thoughts, undermine ourselves, get insecure and possessive, and think of our partner's sake when we actually doing the opposite of saving the relationship. Those may be the spices of being together but if you look at the impulsive love they have in the story, I hope that readers also have learned that making things simple by lowering our pride and being true to ourselves could have lead to a better end. Be mature enough!

You are what you read... I hope that the writers will find time to ponder and get responsible of what they write and what they want to inflict readers.

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