Thursday, August 7, 2014

Nyogi Pure Coconut Water Review

I was surprised when I found this product gone suddenly for I am a fan of coconut water ever since. Wish was granted when finally Sample Room decided to restock this drink.

During short visits in the market, I sometimes check the sellers of real coconut. The fresh fruit costs P25.00 together with the meat inside. You can ask the vendor to separate the contents into different cellophane. The only downside in this is the tiring long walk and the sanitation of the stall. The place sometimes seems dirty as well as the staffs' nail and the itak used.

One serving of Nyogi has 50 calories. Learning the calories you need to take daily will help you track whether you'll get thinner or fatter later. Coconut water is naturally isotonic and high with potassium. It has minimal sugar content and contains antioxidant.

Nyogi Pure Coconut Water Review

Nyogi claims to have: No preservatives, No Gluten, No GMOS. It is pure coconut water that gives you 100% natural hydration without preservatives and sugar added.

Ingredients: Pure coconut water
Price: P26.50

Benefits of Coconut water:
-Contains 2-4 times more potassium than a banana
-Our body absorbs it faster
-Healthier than carbonated drinks and artificial fruit juices
-Coconut water is usually recommended for UTI sufferers

Learn something...

Isotonic drinks are used by athletes because of the concentration of carbohydrate and sodium. It aids in rehydration and replacement of lost sodium due to sweating. GMO stands for genetically modified organisms. Since there are foods, crops and other human needs that can’t be produce naturally, the genes of different organism are manipulated to create a combination that improves the quality of the product. GMO may solve a huge crisis but can lead to unintentional damage to our environment and personal health and impair the food chain that exists in our nature. Gluten, on the other hand, gives our food a thick consistency and makes it tasty. The controversy comes from the people who’s gaining sensitivity to it, their immune system cannot recognize this in their body thus it attack the gluten, digestive track and intestines.

Pure Coconut water

Flash pasteurization will keep the flavor better than the other kind of pasteurization. It is also known as “High-temperature short-time” (HTST). The Nyogi pure coconut water I availed from SR has a distinct flavor and doesn't taste fresh though. Still the taste of niyog is recognizable through the familiar sourness of near spoilage. This reminds me of a coconut that has been opened too long while the sweetness slowly wears off. I hope that the company could find ways to effectively maintain the taste of sweet fresh coconut.

As what Nyogi website stated, the inconsistent taste of different Nyogi pack is normal due to natural differences between seasonal harvests. I might as well try to find this in groceries nearby to check whether I’d chance to taste a much better Nyogi. Coconut is one of the major crops of our country. Support our economy, support Philippines products!

“The coconut nut is a giant nut…” Remember this song?

The effort made is appreciable. I honestly don’t mind if they add a bit of sugar or if the meat is included. This will be a great challenge since Niyog is well-known to spoil quickly, just like the short life span of our favorite buko salad.

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