Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Facebook Throwback: Remember those days

Different kind of trends came to light with our subscription in Facebook such as the flourish of games (farmville etc.), asking gifts that is still part of those games, posting old baby pictures, sharing of inspirational quotes, horoscopes, selfies, account deactivation and many more. They're too many that it would be hard to remember everything unless we go back to the old posts in our walls. Now, after the long in hiatus it felt like I graduated from those silly activities and my days are done.

I'll tell you who you are! Apps

I used to play different applications that tells someone's personality. Some seems based from real personality tests and some are like horoscopes that tell general results while the rest are just for fun. Usually 90% of the results are true though there are times that it does feel like we're only kidding ourselves. There are kind of questionnaires that you are actually giving the answers already, the result are just reworded.

What your birthday tells you

Too good to be true. What is 7s anyway? Maybe this is not me. I am not inclined in music and worst with singing. To contribute in the world is flattering though.

Other silly things I want to know and curious of is the calculation of my name, my personal angel (they say everyone has) and the potential of my lucid dreams. But with my future? No thanks. I am afraid of knowing any tragic events. They say it's against God and that you're engaging yourself in some evil conduct. I still remember how this young manghuhula looked at me with her big bleak eyes. Few seconds past and I looked away... having a queer feeling... and wondering if she saw something.

Knowing me, do you believe I really represent the qualities in the picture?


  1. I am wondering, was it describing you or Stitch? ;)

    1. Did it really gave you confusion? It's me. This is a facebook app and my profile picture is stitch.. If you will look at my tab, you'll see that I use stitch too as my icon. Thanks for adding me... ^_^ continue writing so as to give smile to other people...


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