Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Gift through LBC: The Most Special Gift I Received

LBC Christmas Package Transpack Small

Finally, I received my gift. It was actually Dec 23 when he went to LBC to send it but it came 5 days late. He was keeping everything confidential, so I was clueless of what really has happened. I'm not sure if he was able to come before the cutoff of around 3:25pm.

So far, what I knew is that he felt his privacy invaded by the time the crew opened his gift to me. Not yet experience it here. The crew there said it would arrive in time but the experience was like sending trough snail mail.

Dec. 25
I found the LBC closed.

Dec. 27
I was wondering why the package is not yet delivered. I went to check the website and entered the bar code as the tracking number. No result found though. A not so effective tracking system.

I tried tracking through SMS. I received a reply “RECEIVED AT --- DELIVERY HUB” from 2910. Yet, the package still wasn't delivered this day.

Dec. 28
The day I received the package. Finally for I'm too busy to go to the LBC this day to ask. It’s around 10.20am when I got it. This is the first time I personally experience receiving a package. I signed the receipt and the other paper bearing the list of receivers. I said, "Why just now?” He said that it was only delivered around 6. I wonder if he meant 6 in the morning.

Lesson learned?
-Ask crew whether they’ll have vacation in certain days
-Better send Christmas gift on 22 than 23

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