Thursday, December 19, 2013

Mission Accomlished Nasni

Sometimes, it’s much more fulfilling to celebrate someone’s birthday than just asking them for their treat.

It was a very hectic December and sure it’s very hard to manage because at the end of the day all I only wanted is to get into sleep. But I feel I have to do something for my nasni. I originally thought nasni came from jumbled nickname of mine. But it was a backward of “insan” from the whole word “pinsan”. He is my closest cousin. He usually has a lot of money to waste but this time I wanted to be the one to treat him. Maybe its fate that he was broke that day.

 It was nice that he accepted my request that he should come. It was me and his best friend who’s thinking about doing something for my nasni. So since I was the one who treated my cousin, it became a two different day celebration. It’s actually a plan B and I’m very happy it worked. My plan A was to go to Red Ribbon and buy a cake for him.

Part I.
I punched his shoulder when I saw him. I missed him. He looked so distant though. We just shared thoughts and strolled around the stalls of the night market while we wait for our other companion, his best friend. We also went Macdo for McFloat. 1 McFloat and 1 Monster Float. Then finally, we ate in Jollibee after his best friend arrived.

A thank you message I received from my cousin was like a tap of a shoulder for a job well done.

Part II.
Sometimes, making things longer will just spoil the fun
Second part was courtesy of insan’s bestfriend. Its just a Mang Inasal’s moment.

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