Sunday, December 29, 2013

Short Trip at Baguio to Search for a Christmas Gift

Short Trip at Baguio to Search or a Christmas Gift

That's why I don't usually give gifts to a lot of people at the same time. Even in this kind of situation, I tend to be perfectionist. I tend to have a sharp eye for details too. Freak, eh?

Before this, I went to CSI Mall first. I went inside those stores that can possibly have a gift that this person I pick would like. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any.

So I decided to go to Baguio...

I'm sick but I have to go before I'll gonna make lots of stupid excuses again. Uh-oh, after arriving around lunch time I realized I should have brought a jacket. It's cold. :( I heard in the radio station that it’s around 10 degrees there where it was not really like that just few days ago

And I suck with planning, I realized. I cannot really combine being thrifty and being time conscious at the same time. I should have eaten lunch before going to Baguio. Maybe it’s not that bad at all since I’m not sure what will happen to me too when I travel with a stomach that is full.

I’m considering three possibilities
-gadget accessories
-something extraordinary

I can't afford branded bags. I knew nothing about plants and it's really hard to find amazing gadget accessories. I even wanted to buy myself a minion t-shirt but its costs around P350, something like unworthy of its price. Shoes costs around P2000 above whew.

I did the same thing in SM. I visit almost all the stores. Then I only got one itinerary left, I said to myself that if I haven't found something I’ll just buy the dog pillow or a gadget bag.

Then at last, in this very last place I found a fan. I know this person is using fan too. It looks nice and elegant yet expensive. That place was full of Filipino products, from food to accessories, clothes and displays. It was really nice that the place seems promoting Philippines...

Kultura, Philippine product
Philippine Fan
Philippine Fan Gift Container

it's more fun in the Philippines

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