Thursday, December 19, 2013

USB Connector for Fusion Bolt: OTG Cable

USB Connector for Fusion Bolt: OTG Cable 

This is the OTG Cable I bought from cd-r king which costs around P30.00. I will use this to connect USB keyboard and flash drive. However, one thing I noticed is that when I leave the OTG cable plugged in, it still consumed lots of battery while making the back of the tablet slightly warm. This is something very frustrating especially when you fully charged your table and discover the battery level the other day to be 18% only.

I’m planning to buy a micro SD that time but all of their stocks were just 4GB, 8GB, 32GB and with classes around 4 only. What I wanted is 16GB in class 10. She said stocks will be delivered next week, hopefully. Saleslady also recognizes the OTG cable as “yung connector for tablet”.

Another thing, using external keyboard consume lots of battery. Much to my frustration. I wonder if it depends upon the keyboard. What I had used was the CDr King keyboard I purchased years ago, a desktop computer keyboard. Other tablets were sold together with its mini keyboard.

Files can’t be open or file is missing.
Unplugging the external keyboard made my word file gone even the fact that I saved it before closing the Kingsoft Office. However, if you made lots of word file, only the last file will get lost or damage.

USB Connector for Fusion Bolt: OTG Cable

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