Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Our Second Movie: We Were There

I should be doing some laundry, but he said if I want we will watch a movie. He said it would be on Saturday. At first I got disenchanted? I don’t know how to describe it. It’s the feeling where you are so giddy but became a bit opposite when you realize it's still so ahead of time. When I am near the point of acceptance, he suddenly said we’ll do it. Weird, eh. I might get a lot of confusion in emotions here.. (slap)

Nonetheless, I find it his way of making up or I don’t know. Before he changed his mind and get conscious I said ‘okay’. Yep, I’m getting pampered lately. I’m full again. But I’m not really comfortable with this fast shifting of emotions.

Part I
I was holding my emotions in this part. There is some irritation that I felt for reasons I’m not 100 percent sure. Maybe it’s a combination of stirring up my different past experiences. It can be the disappointment that this story is almost alike with Koizora (sky of love) where I cried a lot. It’s maybe because I didn’t watch it in a very nice pixel. From the start until the end, there’s a hint of gloominess. I’m not touched or maybe I didn’t allow myself. There’s even a spoiler in the end. This reaction has something to do with my age; I don’t know if I would appreciate this movie if watched during my teenage years. I wish I don’t despise the leading girl for doing the first move, for pushing herself to the guy when she has clearly no place for him yet. Maybe few more addition in the previous movie can convince me.

Something alike: (yet twisted)
-The girl started being just a 3rd party
-There is a guy who has an unrequited love with the leading girl

Still everything is special for its being shared with someone special to me. (Dec 9)

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