Tuesday, December 3, 2013

In The Hospital…

So far, another event that gave me a heavy feeling was when I visit this kakilala. I have this guilty feeling whenever I come across with his close officemate telling me that I too would visit him. Too many persons esp. related to me were going in and out of hospital that I can’t cope up well. My personal problems and postponed check up consumes my mind too.

I'm stupid from not bringing a companion that time. I gave the opposite of moral support. I felt shocked and emotionally unprepared. Yet I know I have to go for I will not find peace within me. My dreams disturb me too. Twice within that short period of time that I dreamt of something I associated with it.

It was already dark when I went there since it’s a season of early evening. I felt some soft cry of rain which coincidentally turned violent the moment I was in the building. Strange. My feet were confident to lead the path for I was there too just last month to visit a relatives' father who eventually died. But I got lost...

...and then I felt a déjà vu. I saw something like this in my dreams before. Hospitals, sometimes abandoned, elevators etc. I was wondering that time if whether reality is playing with my little creepy nightmares. It’s just a trick of mind though. Nothing really extraordinary happened.

I realized I really don’t know what to do. Then I bid a confused farewell. And the rain stopped as if it’s expressing its sympathy.

I was embarrassed. Yet this occurrence opened up another world of realization in me.

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